Work from home (IM 525)

As the coronavirus spreads, fear is looming among people. WHO announced it as a global pandemic yesterday killing almost 4700 people worldwide with the cases now reaching 130,000. Various educational institute are shutdown and many are cancelling in-person classes and doing an online classes, which is one of the way to stop rapid spreading of this deadly virus.

Many companies have started “work from home” slogan and executed it to prevent spreading of this virus. Google sister company, Alphabet is recommending that all employees in North America, Europe, Africa and the Middle East work from home due to coronavirus. Microsoft Corp has told employees in the Puget Sound region in Washington state and the San Francisco Bay Area to work from home.

HP Inc. HPQ, -4.959% has offered similar guidance for its 55,000 worldwide employees who can work from home. Intel Corp. INTC, -6.262% has also given employees the option of working from home. More fortune 500 companies and other companies all around the world are shifting their way to work as coronavirus spreads.


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