“Who” more important than “What” (IM 437)

When you are executing to build a great company, “who” you have in the team is more important that “what” direction are you going or “what” product you are going make. That’s why right people with right mindset is crucial while building a innovative and long-lasting company.

You can’t step twice on the same water. Likewise, world is dynamic. When you begin with “who” rather than “what” you can easily adapt to the dynamic world.

Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” argues that Good to Great company first get right people on the bus then figure out where to drive.

If you join a bus primarily because of where it’s going you might be in problem because the people inside might want to go to different direction or want to change their mind.

But if you join a bus because of “who” else is on the bus then if you need to change the direction, it will be fine with everybody and it’s going to have an infinite journey. It’s because the right people will be self motivated by the inner drive to produce great results.

Be in the journey not because of the destination or the direction but because of “who” else is in the bus.

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