What killed that frog (IM 529)

There is this beautiful story about an experiment done on a frog that teaches a very important lesson to our generation today.

A frog was taken and was kept in a container half filled with water. Then a container was slowly heated. As the temperature of water increased the frog kept adapting with the temperature of water. The water was further heated and the frog used its strength to combat with the heat by adjusting its body temperature accordingly. Now when the temperature was very high and the frog could not adapt with the temperature. So it tried to jump out of container but couldn’t because all its energy and strength was used to change its body temperature and was left with no further energy.

And finally the frog died…

So what killed that frog?

If your answer is the boiling water then you are wrong. The frog died because of its inability to decide when to jump out of water. Instead of using its energy to change its body temperature, it should have used its strength to jump out of container in the very beginning. As the frog used all its energy to adapt to the temperature of water, it was left with no energy and got no option other than to die.

This story is so relatable with human beings. We don’t act on proper time and when we decide to act its too late and we are forced to face the consequences. This follows that its always better to take proper decision on proper time based the situation.


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