What is the difference? (IM 694)

Malcolm Gladwell, in his book “Outliers”, talks about the difference between people who fail and succeed in anything. He talks about how in wealthy families they teach their children something very different than in poor and middle class families.

He gives an example of how to interact with an authority. Middle class and poorer people are taught to fear authority. In this industrial age, you have to fear from the guy who runs the factory/company.

In his book, Gladwell gives an example of how poor and rich children interact when they are taken to dentists. The middle class family will teach their child that the dentist is God. He has dentist have studied for 10 years and been doing this for his lifetime. He knows everything. So, you as a child keep quiet and just wait for it to be over and do what he says to do.

Whereas the wealthy families, they approach this situation completely differently. They tell their child, the  dentist is your friend. He has studied as a dentist for 10 years just to serve and help you. He is the resource you can use to solve you teeth issue. If you have any questions about your mouth and teeth then you must ask the dentist because it’s his job to help you.

This two kind of thinking is so fascinating and one of this exists in us. The former one will not improve us and make us successful while the later one does.

It is the thinking system that makes the difference.

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