We know everything (IM#112)

We know that we got to change the way we think to change the way we live, yet we emphasize on the negative thoughts.

We know that the suggestions we get from others might not apply to us, but we believe them so easily. Mostly, when that person is of high authority.

We all know that to become extraordinary we must cease all the average works, yet we spend must of our time on Netflix, Facebook and Tinder like an average person.

We all know we got to develop a new habit to refine our life, yet we don’t give consistency. We consistently undermine consistency.

We all know our past problem does not define us, yet we get depressed because of the failures and the losses we had last month. Also, we know our present condition is just the shadow of our potential and our optimum limit, yet we bury our big visions before it is born based on the present condition.

We knew everything….but we lack driving force for action.

We know self-awareness is the key, yet we lack it…

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