Visionaries, Entrepreneurs and Businessman (IM 505)

There three are completely different person with a different mindset and character.

Visionaries are the one who sees and shapes the future with innovative ideas. They are the one who drive the organization to success with innovation. They are the one who serve and make entrepreneur and businessman success.

Entrepreneurs are the one who solves the problem existing in the world with their new ideas.

Businessman are those, who drive economic growth in an organization, who always seek profit with high return on investment.

These days most of us confuse these three: Visionaries with Entrepreneur, Entrepreneurs with Businessman. The word “Entrepreneur” has become a fad these days as we see everyone with this bio on their social media profile. I’m deeply in passionate with the word “visionaries”, which is also one of the reason why “i-mind club” was founded.

I defined these three with a simple analogy. Entrepreneurs are the one who design and build a vehicle. Businessman are the who drives the vehicle. But visionaries are the one who make roads ahead for the vehicle to serve its purpose. This is a reason I believe every organization should have all these three character but it should be led by the visionaries for the long-term success. But there should be complete blend of these three for every organization. And indeed, we are in search of those person in our “i-mind” team.


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