Value learning over everything (IM 708)

The simple law of human psychology is that our thoughts will revolve around what we value the most. If it’s a money then we tend to choose a place that offers the big paycheck.

Inevitably, in such places, we focus on proving ourselves to other people, which creates a lot of pressure. In such places, we focus on pleasing and impressing the right people so that we keep getting the paycheck. It will be too costly to make a mistake and learn from them in such situation and as a result we we seek an easy and conservative approach. And as we progress in life, we will become addicted to the fat paycheck and it will determine where we go, how we think, and what we do. Eventually we get trap in this vicious circle.

Instead, if we value learning above everything else, the picture will be completely different. It will lead us to the right choices. We will opt for the situation that will give us the most opportunities to learn, particularly with hands-on work. We will choose a place that has people and mentors who can inspire and teach us. As a result of valuing learning above everything else, we will expand our horizon and creativity and everything else (including money) will eventually come to us.


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