Two lessons from Meditations – Book VI (IM 812)

The following are the two lessons from the book Meditations by Marcus Aurelius which I find intriguing:

You take things you can’t control as “good” and “bad.” And of course when the “bad” things happen or the “good” one don’t you blame the God and feel hatred for the people responsible – or those you decide to make responsible. Most of our bad behavior stems or originates from trying to apply such criteria. But if we limit only our actions as “good” and “bad”, we would have no reason to challenge God or to treat other man as enemies.

All of us are working together to one end; some consciously with understanding, with knowledge and design; some without knowing it. I think it was Heraclitus who meant this and said, ” Those who sleep are also hard at work.” – that they too collaborate in that happens.

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