Track Cards: A new policy (IM 811)

It’s a new way to evaluate and track individual’s performance and character. An organization is a made of people and their culture and character. It’s a new policy we’ve implemented in I-mind group (check out here about I-mind story)

The goal of the “Track card” is to understand where each of us are standing and to know our strengths, weaknesses and loopholes. This will also enhance our personal development as each of us will have a metrics that define us. And the solution to every weaknesses and loopholes is to know our weaknesses and loopholes first.

So, each of us is rating everyone (except themselves) based on six factors (Work participation, Accountability, Conceptual, Reliable, Creativity, and Determined) in the level of 1 – 5, where “1” being Performance level low and “5” means very good Performance.

Remember: the goal of this Track card is not to undermine anyone, but to help in learning and boosting everyone’s performance for the future of I-mind.

Things to be considered during rating everyone: All are VERY IMPORTANT
1. Truth is the foundation of excellence so, make sure your assessment is VERY precise and accurate.
2. Evaluate accurately, not kindly.
3. In evaluation, look at the whole picture, not just single moment.
4. If something is true about some people, it’s your responsibility that it’s true and the person you’re assessing also agrees.
5. In the end, accuracy and kindness are the same.

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