Three rules (IM#123)

There are three things that should be considered if we decide to play the game, whether it is the game of life or the real game.

First, we must know the rules of the game. Most often, we just decide to play the game, just by seeing other players, without knowing the rules. This can be very devastating in most of the game we decide to play (like entrepreneurship, investing and many more).

Second is stakes. We must know our boundaries so that we can focus more efficiently in the rules of the games. If we are not too specific it might harm us.

Third is the time to change the strategy. We can’t get different and effective result using the same strategy. We must be open minded to modify or to change the strategy if the old strategy is not working at all. We must decide the time for this otherwise, it might be too late. This is also catastrophic if our timing is wrong.

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