Three Characteristics Of Good Strategy (IM 972)

They are:

Focus, Divergence and Compelling Tagline.

For any industry these three strategy are really important to be sustainable, profitable and innovative.

Focus of the company should be clear and precise so that it can move forward. When a company’s value lacks focus, its cost structure will tend to be high and its business model become complex in implementation and execution.

There must be difference between the product of the competitors which is called divergence. Divergence not only in product but in many aspects including companies culture and core values. When a company lacks divergence, its strategy is a me-too, with no reason to stand apart in the market place.

A compelling tagline is a way to communicate with the customers. It is what customers see about the company. When a company lacks compelling tagline, it is likely to be internally driven with no great commercial potential. 

These three characteristics are crucial for long-term growth of a company.


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