These Four Types of Meditation (IM 856)

Here are four different types of meditation, which I came to know through my Religion class. I was aware about these but didn’t exactly knew their name except for Vipassana (one of my favorites).

  1. Shamatha Meditation: This meditation aims to bring our mind to rest by focusing attention to single object of awareness like breathe and refusing to let it wander. this provides calmness and stability of mind and tranquility.
  2. Vipassana Meditation: It aims to produce insight into the nature of reality that is to see reality as it really is. It does so be eliminating the veil of illusion that distorts our perception of reality. It produces the liberation of mind.
  3. Walking meditation : It focuses attention on the mindful taking of each and every breathe and each and every steps. It is about mindful and intentional walking by paying attention towards every movement of our body.
  4. Visualization:  This aims to focus all of our attention towards a particular image.

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