The world seems more united (IM 611)

Today, the world seems more united than ever before. It is said that we, sapiens, instinctively divide humanity into two parts: “us” and “them”, which is in the verse of collision. The problem of one city or a country is no longer their own problem. It’s the problem of whole world. The protest of one state is not only theirs’; it’s of the entire globe.

Humanity have evolved a long way…

The biases based on race, ethnicity, castes and religions exists only in our imagination, which is embedded in this material world and it is designed to be that way to run the world. It obvious that this imagined stuff is always in the verse of collapse because that’s what it’s meant to be.

The fact that man hunt the deer doesn’t make deer inferior to the man and the fact that the tiger hunt the deer doesn’t make tiger inferior to the man. There is no superiority or inferiority; it’s only the matter of imagination. All of these stuff are just like viruses living in the host. They live in theĀ  mind of humans, completely deteriorating the host (mind).

But let’s not forget that our history and our world is always moving towards unity not diversity, which follows that the future is meant to be even more unified.

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