The world is becoming more competitive (IM 576)

Without a doubt, today the world is becoming more competitive each day. There is 99% chance that the idea you have in your mind already exits in somebody else’s mind. The name you have for your dream business or a startup is already in someone else’s head.

It’s the execution that makes the difference…

The more you conceal your idea in your brain, the more difficult it becomes to transform it into reality as you are going against the time. And history shows that those who go against the time will never win.

Well, the purpose might be different, but nobody cares about the purpose in the beginning. Everyone cares about what they get in return or what advantage you give to them. You might have a huge purpose, but it becomes more challenging when the platform you want to create has been executed by others.

But don’t get me wrong, it doesn’t mean that you lost your opportunity. Opportunity comes and goes. It’s like a bus. The only thing that matter is to take the right step at a right time on the right bus. And there is always an alternative. But everyone should understand that the world has become more competitive every single day.


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