The work we are seeking for…(IM#73)

If I offer you a choice between being an architect for $80,000 per year and working in kiosk for rest of your life for $100,000 per year. Which would you prefer?

I guess you are thinking of the former one because we seek for progression. The later one wouldn’t make us learn and progress while the former one help us grow. There is the real connection between effort and reward in working as an architect.

The former one is a self-governing job where you don’t have to wait for you boss approval. You are your own boss whereas the later one is the opposite of it.

This is what most of us are seeking for, not the money. We’re searching for the work that fulfills us not that gives us the huge amount of paycheck.

This is what gives us true fulfillment  not the money nor it is the relaxation in the job. 

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