The truth behind the reality (IM#211)

We all are born with different thinking abilities. We dream and make different choices as we go along the way.

We dream about the future. We live as a day dreamer. We focus on being like somebody else. We run making the impact in whatever field we are up to without knowing the true purpose. As we move towards  the goal, we encounter problems and make mistakes and we try to cover those with another blunder.

Everybody has two lives: One, the dream life (what we want to do) and second is the reality. The reality is far more different and complex than what we want to do. The problem with most of us is that we run away from the reality because we are too scared to face it; we don’t have the audacity to tackle them and we don’t wanna bury our egos.

The greatest lesson we can learn in our life is to face the reality. Then, everything seems completely different; every problems fall apart…


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