The truth about Walmart (IM#290)

According to Business Insider, Walmart earned over $500 billion dollars in revenue in its 2018 fiscal year. This GDP is more than the GDP of Ireland($357.2B) and Austria($439.6B).

If Walmart was a country, it would be the 42nd largest economy of the world right behind Switzerland ($517.2B). 

With the motto of “Save Money. Live Better.” Walmart has become a huge global brand with more than 11,000 stores in 27 different countries.

How in the world did Walton family build this behemoth? What culture did he develop among the employee? How was it like in its inception?  It is very important to grasp the answer to these questions because today many countries in the world are struggling economically. They lack true insight behind building an economic empire. So, there is lot more to learn from Walmart journey.

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