The story of Iminds till date (IM 489)

It has been about a year and half that the idea of Imind first came in my mind. The inception of Imind has been very humble and I’m proud of that because every great story has a humble beginning.

Indeed, the journey of Imind have been tough but always inspiring and motivating. Of course, it’s always jovial to execute on your dream or goal (or whatever you want to call it), if not, at least the fantasy of working on your dream is.

The pursuit of dream is what gives life a new flavor.

Before having this idea, I was fond of writing (Well, I still am) about entrepreneurship, leadership, self-realization, and execution. I’m also fond of reading because I love learning as this is what makes me grow. I studied and observed various patterns in successful startups (like weWork, Uber, snapchat, and other small Asian startups) and well-established companies (like Kimberly Clark, Walgreens, IBM, Walmart, Tesla, Apple, Amazon, etc.) by reading their stories.

When the idea of establishing a tech brand hit me, I was in an engineering college always executing to become visionary. I was not in search of ideas but, maybe, this idea encountered me while I was in search of being a visionary entrepreneur.

Visualizing my country, Nepal, on one mind and making plans and blueprint sitting in USA on other wasn’t and isn’t (while I’m writing this) that easy. This made me realize that when you persist on what you are deeply passionate about the persistence you have will shatter the defiance.

With the vision of bringing huge positive transition in the lives of Nepalese people in technology, economy and daily basis, building an organization that can endure and adapt multiple generations is very substantial. This is the vision behind Imind. In this profitable world, it’s very difficult to find sustaining organization because everybody is focused on short-term success and profits.

Execution in Imind didn’t began until a year later in August 2019 a team of eight people (electrical and computer engineers) was formed. I had read a lot of books about managing team, leaderships and organizing people and it seemed so easy. But in reality, it wasn’t that easy to manage team as it seemed.

From that day on, “my” “Imind” became “our Imind” and me as well as all the team members were very excited about it because it was something that me and all our team members were deeply passionate about and it was everyone’s end goal. Soon we defined our core values and we had to lose two of our members (This taught me a lesson that to stay in a team we got to be aligned with the core values). Our phase of losing didn’t end there. We also had to lose our one and only advisor (a professor from our University, who had been advising us for our first project) as he couldn’t manage time (as per his email, but he only knows the true reason).

This was a huge blow for me and my team as we felt like a small boat left in the middle of the ocean not knowing which direction to go. We became like a small cub being left by her mother in the middle of huge jungle feeling unsafe and vulnerable. But the inspiring story was that this feeling (whether it was a true feeling or fake) were not expressed by any of our team members because we all sensed deep inside our bones that there was a way out of this situation and we started to seek it.

This situation reminded me of the author named Jim Collins, who in his book “Good to Great”,  by researching how good companies in United states became great during the interval of 30 years from transition, insisted that all those companies started by answering first “who” then “what” questions because when you move forward because of who else is in your team rather that what are we going for or where are we going, it’s easier to change the direction as the world is always dynamic. He wrote that all those companies started by having right people in the bus and wrong people off the bus. After all this situation we faced, for the first time I felt like we now have a right people in our Imind bus.

We started to find our way from the middle of ocean. We started to divide our work by assigning every member their individual task. While they were doing their individual task, I had to do thoroughly research on all of their task that means I have to be prepared on all of their subjects(task) as well as mine because I always believe in fruitful arguments which always comes from good preparation.

I learned a lot and our team took this as an experiment. We took all encounters as our test of character and creativity to learn more and become more.

This (2019) was the inception year for Imind (even though the idea was since 2018) because it was made alive by all these team members.

Then the 2019 was gone….

And 2020 began…

A new year, with a new resolution, with a new approach, and with a new perspective, we decided to start fresh as we already have built a team. We then began to ride the left-over boat from the ocean towards the shore to sail it again towards the right direction; towards the direction where we all have knowledge about.

We started researching the tech stuff. All of our members are now preparing on their presentation for next week based on their research. This I believe will give a positive outcome and we all are determined towards it. Some are researching about technology-based agriculture, and some about medical devices, and other about technological transportation. Wherever we researched, we tend to blend our experience and knowledge we have about technology. As I’m writing this, I’m also researching about nanotechnology in my laptop windows.

And to end today’s writing with the words of Ray Dalio, my purpose, the Imind purpose, your purpose & the purpose of everything and everyone else is to evolve and contribute to the evolution to move the human race forward in some small way.

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