The rules of the game (IM#144)

To be a better player in the game we’re about to play, first, we must know the rules of the game. Second, we’ve to play it efficiently and differently than any other players.

To be more efficient and unique following rules work as footstep:

  1. The game has to make sense: An illogical game will die before it ever exists. It should be logical followed by emotional commitment.
  2. Change the tactics of the game from time to time: Strategy should remain the same but the tactics must be updated time and again. The goal here is to anticipate the end before anyone else does.
  3. Never create a game for others that you’re unwilling to play : People do what we do. They just follow others. If you are the responsible person then your action is admired. Also, if we don’t follow our own rules of the game how can we expect other to follow ours?
  4. Never expect the game to be self sustaining: Nothing is sustainable. And in business dictionary, there is no word called- self-sustainable. Our business and organization keeps growing till we put tremendous amount of work.
  5. The game need to be fun from time to time: Even though, the game I’m talking about is a serious thing, there won’t be same amount of enthusiasm if the game has no fun.

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