The present day market (IM 778)

Let’s shift attention towards the present day stock markets.

This pandemic has brought lot of profits to some big corporations like it always does when there is a huge crisis. During the beginning of the pandemic, the investors focused on the big pharmatheutical companies who were developing Coronavirus vaccines. Then they shifted their attention towards clouds, software and chips companies including AMD and NVDA.

Now the market is validating Electric vehicle companies and their stock price is popping up everyday. It kind of makes sense too as the oil production decreased, people are interested in electric vehicles. Take Tesla, it is up 670% this year adding $88 billions in Elon Musk’s fortune this year alone. The Chinese EV company, NIO is up record 2800% this year which is insane.

The world is volatile and so is the market… But there is always a possibilities that what goes up will come down and vice-versa.

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