The paradox of time (IM 429)

The paradox of our time is that we’ve more knowledge but less insight.

We’ve more experts, yet more problem.

We got more friends but less communications.

We got fancier house but broken homes.

We’ve more hospitals, yet less treatments.

We make profits but loose relationships.

We’ve more thoughts but less sense.

We’ve multiplied our strength but reduced our values.

We’ve cleaned our rooms but polluted our souls.

We read too little but speak too much.

We talk more but do less.

We plan more but accomplish less.

We make huge promises, yet fulfill too little.

We spend more but have less.

We’ve learned wining but still lack patience and persistence.

We’ve become big men but with small character.

We have extraordinary personality, yet common knowledge.

We argue we are happy, yet we struggle for sound sleep every night.

We’ve too much to show but less content to store.

We’ve added years to life but not life to years.

We’ve learned to survive but not to live.

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