The meaning of life (IM 751)

What is the meaning of life?

This is one of the vague and the most difficult question to be asked. The meaning of life differs from person to person, day to day, hours to hours and situation to situation.

Therefore, what matters the most is not the general meaning of life but rather specific meaning of one’s life at a specific time and particular situation. Asking someone the meaning of life is just like asking a chess champion, ‘what is the best move in chess?’ This is absolutely ridiculous question. There is no any best or good move; it only depends on particular situation and personality and technique of opponent.

The same holds true for human existence.

Everyone has their own specific mission or aim in life and hence they execute based on that. We, therefore, should not ask what the meaning of our life is, rather we should recognize that it is us who is asked. Each of us is questioned by our own life and we are the one who can answer and that answer is for our own life.

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