The Magic of long Game(IM#15)

Somebody said- “It’s better to lose a battle and win a war than to win a battle and and lose a war.” What they mean is life is a game of long run. Whatever we are facing today is not the end; it is just the beginning. The rejection we are facing, the anxieties we are dealing and the failure we are encountering now is just the part of game.

We spend our time fighting with each other instead of fighting for the things that really matter, for the shake of happiness and pleasure, not realizing that it is just short term. We end up focusing on current things while something more crucial shrinks on background.

Focusing on short-term game can make people happy but they are not fulfilled. Everybody sounds tough and they sounds like they have figured it out. But the reality is there is very little toughness and most people have not figured it out.

The reason behind the people focusing on short-term happiness is because we are born in the world of instant gratification. We want to buy some thing? go to Amazon, it arrives the next day. We want to watch movie, log in to Netflix or YouTube. Everything we want we get instantaneously except the things that truly matter in our real life ( like job satisfaction, relationship, fulfillment, peace of mind), there is no app for this.Long game is slow, tough, riddling- but the end is always in favor of us.

To become aware of the things that we want for short-term vs long-term is difficult for all of us. But the most fascinating thing is the more we invest on long-term, the more we will win the game. Henry David Thoreau said it beautifully- “In the long run, you hit only what you aim for.”



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