The luxury trap (IM#277)

The 21st century luxury trap is so critical that for the sake of “so called” luxury we give up everything at the cost of luxury itself.  Yuval Noah Harari quotes, ” One of history’s few iron laws is that luxuries tend to become necessities and to spawn new obligations.”

If we look at our  living style and our desire of living high standard life, we are being trapped by luxuries every single day.

That standard of living might include vacations to certain destinations with the people we love and access to food, clothes, bars, and brands of high quality. But at what cost?

To pay for your vacation, you might need to work more hours each week. To pay your restaurants and bar bills, you might have to go into credit card debt. To buy the famous brand, you might have to go through stress.

Overall, to get the luxury you desire, you might have to reduce luxury every single day.

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