The Law of Process (IM164)

Knowing nothing is an asset because as long as the people doesn’t know what they doesn’t know, they have no idea what to learn, and they can not grow. As Benjamin Disraeli stated, “To become conscious that you are ignorant of the facts is the great step to knowledge.”

When people start recognizing the skills they lack and begin the daily practice with discipline and determination, exciting things start to happen. They start to grow more and more intelligent and finally achieve their passion.

But it all depends on the price they are willing to pay. It all depends on the daily practices.

The secret of the success lies in daily agenda. It depends on our daily respect, experience, daily empathy, discipline, momentum and our daily goals and vision. Our goal each day must be to be a little bit better, to continue to build our worth.

Massive success doesn’t happen in a day or a moment; it takes strong determination, perseverance; it takes a lifetime. Following this law of process make us invincible and unconquerable.

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