The insight behind “seeking” (IM 644)

Seeking means continuously looking for something that you lack in your present moment. Most people perpetually search through out their entire life, whether it be wealth, health, happiness, success or fame.

The moment we search to look good is the moment when we actually don’t look good. The quest for happiness is only possible when there is its dearth. People seek success if they lack it in their life.

Through personal experience, I came to realize that the meditation is not the state to look for happiness or fulfillment or seek bliss. It’s endlessly living the present moment with true consciousness. Well, it doesn’t provide happiness or fulfillment if we constantly seek those.

Seeking arises when you feel incomplete. And the incompleteness is filled not by seeking but by execution and being aware of our present moment, accepting it and finally living it. Seeking, as a matter of fact, doesn’t make our life easier, instead it elevates stress, tension and anxiety. It’s better to substitute “seeking” with “living”.


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