The Hedgehog concept (IM 449)

Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” describes the concept followed by the companies to achieve greatness. He claimed that just like hedgehog focus on one big thing, those companies that aspire to become great focus only on the main thing.

The concept is called “Hedgehog Concept.”

This concept is the combination of three circles which include three most important questions:

  1. Understanding what you can (and can not ) be the best at.
  2. Knowing what drives the economic engine.
  3. Defining what you’re truly passionate about.

The companies like Walgreen, Coke, Circuit City, Gillette, Kroger,etc that have attained greatness all followed this concept through which they brought breakthrough. Knowing the answers for these three question and working by aligning with all the answers will certainly make a great company.

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