The Doge Story And The Opportunity (IM 930)

Since March 2020, the the price of this crypto has gone up around 30,000%. That means every hundred dollars invested on the March 2020 would have 30,000 in return.

Dogecoin (commonly called Doge), a cryptocurrency, started in 2013 as a joke between two engineers has gained a huge value now. The recent support from Elon Musk, Twitter and Reddit riders have skyrocketed the doge.

The Dogecoin rally, much like the GameStop rally earlier this year, has been fueled by the Reddit users, where users planned to send the currency “to the moon” — or at least to their goal of $1 per coin, which is not far away now.

PS: Opportunity comes and goes. I had around 200K doge which I sold way before the rally began but “no regrets”. There are many opportunity out there. Yes, the returns might not be as good as from Doge, but we just need one good bet.

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