The crucial “R’s” (IM 509)

When it comes to run and establish a successful and sustainable  organization, there are three important “R’s” that should never be forgotten. These three “R” determines the future of that organization and they are:

1.Requirement: The list of priorities that is required to meet the vision is the requirement.

2. Return: The return we get from the execution of those priorities should be measured. It can be the increase in profit, customers or even the failures from which the lesson can be learned.

3. Reward: Along with the return, which of our actions reward us the most should be the one that should be kept repeating and brought into action. Which action meets our passion and the vision should be figured out before we go for it.

All these three ‘R’s: Requirement, Return and Reward work as foundation for not only a successful organization but as a successful individual as well.

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