The Choice (IM#16)

Give a little more.

Stay open for receiving.

Be prepared for next adventure of life

Play the game of long run.

Embrace possibility.

Live your life on offence.

Start with your purpose.

Tell the truth.

Give best on every work. Little wins are big wins.

Seek opportunity, mainly when you feel nothing is left.

Practice patience.

Guard your reputation.

Enhance fearless faith.

Practice the habit of gratefulness.

Learn to forgive.

Pray for others, especially who have don’t like you and and have mistreated you.

Be humble.

Keep your promises.

Show up.

Never doubt yourself.

Do work that matters and takes you a step towards your purpose.

Take responsibility.

Make your mom proud.

Develop empathy.

Talk progress.

Sense happiness.

Give credit.

Interconnect ideas.

Keep encouraging yourself.

Be inspired by your work.

Make attitude your allies.





Because we are designed the live the best version of ourselves and we can. It is up to us that motivates us. So it leaves us with the CHOICE. And our choice can change everything….


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