The Century (IM#100)

Today is 100th day of sharing my words in Innovative Mind, each day continuously. The journey with this writing wasn’t easy and fun, but it was a thrilling adventure.

I came up with this idea just to make me accountable to my words and my actions. As I started, I had a hard time to keep up the pace and continue with it.

But soon I could catch the momentum and flow with it. I still remember the day when my mind was blank and have nothing to share, but somewhere, somehow, deep inside of me, assembled the thoughts and forced me to open the laptop and just type it.

The more I started emptying myself, the more fulfilled I felt. The practice of blogging everyday has brought many positive impacts in my daily life like making my words match my action.

The most important lesson I learned in this journey is that failure sucks, rejections hurts (and it breeds obsessions) but I can’t stop trying to look forward towards life’s next adventure. Starting with this simple step, I commit and promise myself to continue towards my long-term dream of building an ingenious, creative, insightful, and innovative city in my near future because as Lao Tzu said, ” A journey of thousand miles begin with a single step.”

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