The biggest fallacy (IM 826)

Human beings are so good in creating fiction, which is the main reason behind the superiority of Homo sapiens (This is in fact the greatest force). The sense of creating fiction came into the mind of Homo sapiens to enhance unity for hunting and gathering and to protect themselves from other enemies in the past.

Our tendency to create such fiction made us more powerful and eventually we conquered every other species and became dominant in the world.

Nowadays, on our daily activities, we can sense that we have been overinterpreting the real events which has made us more vulnerable than ever before. We have lost our ability and have no patience to look at the facts since we are blinded by the false narration done by somebody else.

We are more intrigued by explanation as they make the events easily remembered But in reality, explanations blind the facts. Its good to listen to the explanation as they are more fun and exciting. But it’s devastating when this explanations start to dictate our impression of understanding.

The solutions?

  • Favor experiments over storytelling.
  • Focus on experiences over history.
  • Give credit over clinical knowledge over theories.

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