A conflict to avoid (IM 810)

We tend to be attracted by other people’s personality and we pretend to become one. It’s fatal… Doing this might hurt our own self-respect and self-value. And sometimes we get confused while dealing with situations because of this personality conflict. We should sort it out before we get any trouble because It’s worth it.

Education: Do we know what it really is? (IM 774)

This morning I had a conversation with one of my friend regarding the education system we currently have. This made me think that most of us are completely unaware of the term education. Let’s dig in the word ‘education’ : The word education came from three different root words: “educare,” which means to bring up,…

The flow (IM 572)

The flow begins with the execution. Without execution, there is no failure. Without failure, learning never happens. Without learning, there is no progress and improvement. Without progress and improvement, life has no meaning and purpose. Life without meaning and purpose is not worth living, it’s just surviving.

How to seek progress amid uncertainty? (IM 557)

It is understandable to be overwhelmed by the current situation. Research claims that the rate of anxiety and depression all around the world has skyrocketed due to the Coronavirus Pandemic. With total cases of 2 million and death of 122k, the furture still remains uncertain.  Carl Jung once said,”Man need difficulties. They are necessary for…

It’s all about experiment (IM 480)

We are ignorant of lot of things. We don’t know the damn thing about the whole universe, yet we are learning and progressing. How? It’s by experiment… As Yuval Noah Harari insists in his book sapiens,” Fire gave us power, gossip helped us cooperate, mythology maintained law and order, money gave us something we can…

Pain + Reflection = Progress (IM#313)

Ray Dalio in his book “Principles- life and work” said that pain is a signal that you need to find a solution so that you can progress. Reflecting well while you are in pain gives us the most important lessons needed for your growth and progress. Carl Jung once said,”Man need difficulties. They are necessary…

Monkey and apples (IM#117)

There was a research done with monkey and apples. A monkey was given an apples and observed that he was happy. But when he was again given 2 apples and then one was taken away from him, he was so freaked out even though he still had one apple. Human beings react in same way….