We Just Need Patience (IM 893)

Somebody said it beautifully, ” What we seek is also seeking us.” And yes, all we need is just to be patient. What is destined to happen is going to happen and it happens in nature’s way. What is favorable for nature can’t be harmful to human.

It Takes Time (IM 890)

Every valuable accomplishment takes time. Nothing worthwhile comes in the blink of an eye. It needs patience, hard work, perseverance and dedication. Rome wasn’t built in a day; it took years. And so is our future. Every meaningful work will take time

What we choose (IM 839)

Choosing is predetermined whether we are aware or not. There is always a connection between what we choose and why we choose. We choose optimism over pessimism for some reason. We choose justice over injustice. We choose kindness over meanness. Likewise, we choose patience over impatience. All of our choice is predetermined by our character.

Our greatest teacher (IM 747)

Nature is our greatest teacher and the important lesson it teaches us is patience. We need to learn the pace of nature which is its patience. Nature is smarter than all of us. It is the reality. Nature shows us the way about how the reality works. It also teaches cruelty and kindness. All we…

Three treasures of life (IM 473)

According to the book Tao Te Ching, written by Lao Tzu in 4th century BC,” there are three treasures of our life which are: Simplicity: Always see simplicity in everything. It is the ultimate sophistication. Patience: Practice patience. Compassion: Develop compassion for everything you do. Those who practice these three treasures they can master their…

Positivity is everywhere (IM#314)

Positivity is everywhere if we just have time to stop, listen and learn. Even the tiny and trivial things that exist in nature has something very important lesson to teach. For an instance, we can learn patience by seeing and adapting the pace of nature and its really important.

Words that matter (IM#310)

There are very few words that really matter in real life. Work ethic, honesty, trust, discipline, patience, empathy, knowledge, honor, wisdom, self-control, respect, dignity, long-term, awareness and kindness. All of these skills are valuable and the good thing is they all are learnable skills.

It’s worth the wait (IM#292)

It is obvious that triumph comes from hard-work. With triumph comes the reward. It’s always worth the wait. That is where patience plays a key. There are three phases in life: Executing phase, Waiting phase, and the Reward phase. Most people ignore the waiting phase not realizing that it is the connecting phase between our execution…

The lesson from the nature (IM#265)

There is an important lesson we can learn form nature and it’s its pace. The pace of nature is patience. We see patience in every creature of nature (except human) and in nature itself. So adapt the pace of nature…