What we choose (IM 839)

Choosing is predetermined whether we are aware or not. There is always a connection between what we choose and why we choose. We choose optimism over pessimism for some reason. We choose justice over injustice. We choose kindness over meanness. Likewise, we choose patience over impatience. All of our choice is predetermined by our character.

Our greatest teacher (IM 747)

Nature is our greatest teacher and the important lesson it teaches us is patience. We need to learn the pace of nature which is its patience. Nature is smarter than all of us. It is the reality. Nature shows us the way about how the reality works. It also teaches cruelty and kindness. All we…

Kindness is undefeated? (IM 714)

Doing right thing is always right and being kind is ROI positive. It all comes to karma. We have been told since long time that we get what we give. Spreading kindness is the way to receive kindness. And it is necessary for everything. Kindness is the main source and everything else are just by-product….

Discovering kindness (IM 707)

One of the important nature people are lacking these days is ‘kindness’. There is a beautiful poem, named “Kindness” written by Palestinian-American Naomi Shihab Nye, which I went through this morning. It’s from Naomi’s short collection, Words Under Words. I’m not a “poet”, not do I really get “poetry”. I hope you will pass it to…

What matters the most (IM 534)

During this crisis phase, it’s very important to realize the things that matters the most. And those things that matters the most are: Health Family Integrity Kindness and Courage We must keep in mind these five things during this epidemic. We got to remain healthy to keep world healthy. Our family will be healthy if…