The Hedgehog concept (IM 449)

Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” describes the concept followed by the companies to achieve greatness. He claimed that just like hedgehog focus on one big thing, those companies that aspire to become great focus only on the main thing. The concept is called “Hedgehog Concept.” This concept is the combination of three…

Genuinity (IM 440)

It lies in the simplicity. The most orthodox concept is the most powerful concept. It might not be famous but it has driven the whole world.  

An endless cycle (IM 417)

We grow because we take new challenges. We face even more new challenges because we are growing. It’s an endless cycle. The more we grow, the more decisions we make and the more challenges we face. But It’s a good thing- it’s the only way we survive. The more we face challenges the more we…

Uncomfortable (IM 355)

Growth is natural and so is un-comfort. The only time we are growing is when we are uncomfortable. We are the creatures of habit. So, we need to practice acting in spite of fear, doubt, worry and un-comfort This is the step towards growth.

Human needs (IM#103)

It is basically the moving force for human beings. Tony Robbins divided human needs into 6 categories: Certainty/comfort: It is the need to feel in control of that is coming next, so that we can feel secure. It’s the need to avoid pains and stress. Uncertainty/variety: It is the need for surprises and variety of…