A culture of discipline (IM 399)

All companies have a culture, some companies have a discipline, but very few companies have a culture of discipline. A culture of discipline includes disciplined people, disciplined thoughts, and a disciplined action. When you have disciplined people, you don’t need positions and hierarchy. When you have disciplined thoughts, you don’t need bureaucracy and when you…

Words that matter (IM#310)

There are very few words that really matter in real life. Work ethic, honesty, trust, discipline, patience, empathy, knowledge, honor, wisdom, self-control, respect, dignity, long-term, awareness and kindness. All of these skills are valuable and the good thing is they all are learnable skills.

Consider these before investing (IM#295)

Always be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Play/invest only with what you can afford to lose. Learn from every moves and make principles from it. Stick to your principles. Be patient and read the market and the patterns. Differentiate yourself from others. Be consistent and disciplined.