We Just Need Patience (IM 893)

Somebody said it beautifully, ” What we seek is also seeking us.” And yes, all we need is just to be patient. What is destined to happen is going to happen and it happens in nature’s way. What is favorable for nature can’t be harmful to human.

Accepting the destiny (IM 744)

It doesn’t really matter what we expect from life, but rather what life expects from us. We need to stop thinking about the meaning of life , and instead think of ourselves as those who are questioned by life-daily and hourly and execute based on it. These executions differ from person to person and from…

No one can stop your destiny (IM 379)

Your destiny depends completely on you. No one can change or stop you except yourself. You create your destiny. It’s completely on you whether you enhance from it or you overrule it.

How it works (IM#132)

What gets nourished gets flourished. What gets prioritized gets perfected. What gets measured gets done. What gets rewarded gets repeated. What gets repeated becomes a habit. What gets habituated creates the destiny. This is how it works. Everything has got answer. We got to be patient and watch how things get completed.