Predetermining execution (IM 660)

Predetermining execution is planning the action long before actually acting it. It is the psychological and mental process. In other words, it’s doing mental work before the physical work. We get 2 benefits when we predetermine execution: We become fearless as we’ve prepared well. Fearlessness enhances confidence which in turn develops trust finally resulting success….

The worth of decision (IM 649)

A decision is a conclusion of situation. A single decision have so much power that it can bring huge impact in future. It can controls everything… Right decision is very hard to make. It takes courage and intuition to make correct decision at certain time. Experience also make a huge impact in making right decision….

Learning and deciding (IM 629)

The secret to make effective decision involves two important process: learning and deciding. Learning means being able to synthesize the situation accurately by observing it as it exist and deciding means finally making the decision based on learning. Learning is the first step and deciding the second; it’s not the other way around. The important…

Is everything going to be okay? (IM 541)

That depends on what the term “okay” means to you. If it means to go the things that you want it to go, then it’s difficult. Everything goes as it is supposed to go. We can’t manipulate the result. What we can do is just to make present decision and the result depends on it….

Failure is not a state (IM#151)

Failure is not a state, it is the decision. Failure depends on how we decide to reconcile after that ‘so called’ failure. If we decide to give up after the setbacks then it’s a failure. But when we start to deal with setbacks and loss, we achieve success. We become broke, we learn, we adapt…