It’s not a compitition (IM 445)

Life is not a competition. It doesn’t matter where we stand; all that matters is our personal journey. The only way to fully live our life is to focus on the path in front of us. Look ahead, establish our own pace. Most of all we’ve to keep moving forward because as Bob Marley insisted, “The…

Oppurtunity (IM 444)

Problems are always available but so is the opportunity. The important thing that matters is the choice we make. Problems and opportunity are related. When our mind consciously recognize being uncomfortable to the circumstances, our mind consider that as a problem, and so do we because we’re the slave of our mind. On the hindsight,…

Last moment(IM 438)

Waiting till last moment to get things done might be painful sometimes. Because of the time boundary and the pressure to get it done, performance will be directly impacted and hence the quality of the result. The solution? Start early. Don’t wait for the last moment.

“Who” more important than “What” (IM 437)

When you are executing to build a great company, “who” you have in the team is more important that “what” direction are you going or “what” product you are going make. That’s why right people with right mindset is crucial while building a innovative and long-lasting company. You can’t step twice on the same water….