“Elegant” Vs. “Correct” (IM 790)

They both are different. An elegant stuff might not be correct and the correct stuff might not be elegant. But it’s always better to have both. An idea might be elegant but incorrect. An idea might seem ethical and correct but not elegant. “Elegant” is in the eye of beholder. “Correct” is decided by the…

Change the meaning (IM 782)

Everything that happens to us has different meaning: the one that we benefit from and the one we don’t. There is always a choice for us to choose the meaning. The meaning that makes us stronger and better is the one we should go for and ignore the one that makes us weak and disrespectful….

From the fourth book: Meditations (IM 777)

Marcus Aurelius wrote a journal almost 2000 years ago, which is now published as a book, Mediations. His journal was not meant to be published but was written to himself to guide him towards courage, temperance, justice and wisdom. His words are more important in today’s world. Here are some of his words: Let nothing…

Awareness and Experience (IM 478)

Today we are aware about many things, the external and the internal things. But there is a difference between being aware and experiencing things. Awareness is the knowledge that just takes your imagination and your moment of thoughts but experience takes you, your physic and spirit and thoughts. We shouldn’t be confused with awareness and…

Words that matter (IM#310)

There are very few words that really matter in real life. Work ethic, honesty, trust, discipline, patience, empathy, knowledge, honor, wisdom, self-control, respect, dignity, long-term, awareness and kindness. All of these skills are valuable and the good thing is they all are learnable skills.