Moods and actions (IM 536)

The way how we feel about the things means the mood, which is driven by the external events in most of the cases. And that feeling determines our action. The way how we act, in turn, determines how we feel. This is the circular path: Feelings, Moods, Actions, Feeling…… As we see, this path is…

What killed that frog (IM 529)

There is this beautiful story about an experiment done on a frog that teaches a very important lesson to our generation today. A frog was taken and was kept in a container half filled with water. Then a container was slowly heated. As the temperature of water increased the frog kept adapting with the temperature…

Dream or a Goal (IM 485)

Dream is something that we fantasize about without any plan or action. Goal, on the other hand is something we set plan for, execute and achieve. Dreaming without action is just wasting time and feeling good about it. The truth is you can’t reach that dream.  

Get into action (IM#228)

Action always beats inaction. Doing something is always better than doing nothing.¬†Our goal should be to get into execution with whatever we’ve got and from wherever we are.

Predetermine the course of action (IM#167)

Predetermining the course of action is planning the action long before actually acting it. It is the psychological and mental process. In other words, it’s doing mental work before the physical work. We get 2 benefits when we predetermine the course of action: We become fearless as we’ve prepared well. Fearlessness enhances confidence which in…