String Theory: The Theory Of Everything? (IM 963)

I am quite intrigued by the “String Theory“, which is considered as one of the most famous theory in modern physics.

As so called the “Theory of Everything”, String Theory addresses that the every object is made of the fundamental particle which further exist in a string. It proposes that the fundamental constituents of the universe are one-dimensional “strings” rather than point-like particles

We all know that every object is made of the atom and inside the atom is  nucleus. This nucleus is made up of proton and neutron. Each proton and neutron is made up of quarks. We all know of that.

String theory challenges that idea and claims that inside the quarks, there exists a string like filament of vibrating energy. The vibration of this string is just like the string of guitar playing different notes. Just like each notes produce different music in guitar, the vibration of string inside the quarks represents electron, proton, positron, graviton, etc.

The huge confusion is that mathematical calculation for string theory will only work if there is more that 3-dimension. That means there are more than three dimensions which are intermingled with each other and are difficult to notice. This is quite interesting and vast.

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