Startup. (IM#32)

Startup is the process of setting something in motion. It is a newly established business. It is actually a young company that is operated by a group of founders or an individual with the great vision.

They offer a products or service that is not offered before. They are true innovator. Startups has high failure rate; 95% of the startups fail withing 5 years because they fail to innovate products or services they offer to their costumers. They appear too common like other companies. Hence, it is important in being different than others while you are considering for startup.

In the middle of somewhere they cannot tune with their vision and soon they get lost and lose their company. So it is very important to understand the driving force for great vision. It is not by the motivation we move towards our vision but it is because our vision which pulls us towards it. That is how many startup from Mind Valley to Summit are successful.

Because startup don’t have much history, they learn from their own mistake and improve everyday. A fledgling business enterprise (Startup) is mostly successful in the developing countries because there is less competition and more resources available. But most importantly before establishing any startups, you most be prepared to get punched by the market and by our costumers.

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