Start: Novel Investment (IM 545)

For a long time, I’ve been brainstorming the ways I can do better on learning new stuffs and applying it to a real life.  It’s always challenging to learn new skills. I have always been seeking a new way of doing everything.

But, I’m realizing that seeking a new way doesn’t make any sense. I got to adapt in this environment and try to figure out what comes later.

With this in mind, I’m starting up fresh in investment and more importantly, I’m learning new patterns and acknowledging them.

Well, investment is not new to me. I’ve been doing this for about two year now without making any profits (money). But, I’ve gained a lot of skills during this journey. Losing money every single day is not a happy experience but you got to lose something to gain something in return for a long run. I’m a marathon runner with a long very long finish line.

Losing money in stock market has given me a skills that has enhanced my instinct and the ways to study and research the market for my future investment.

But because of the current Coronavirus pandemic, the world economy is at risk. The truth is your equity is always at risk unless you manage and diversify it properly. I realized that emotion plays a huge role when it comes to investment. I need to control and rule my emotions and trust me research and findings through the past experience.

With all this, I’m starting up fresh while the world is uncertain on the hindsight.

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