Start living (IM#118)

I came up with this story the other day that teaches us a very important lesson.

There were a couple who dreamed of better future a better quality of life. They saved their money through out their life and they have saved enough that they one day decided to travel in a Caribbean Cruise. It was a week long trip on one of the giant cruise having swimming pools, a climbing rocks, dozens restaurants and discos.

The couple were so excited about their travel and they can see they are living one of their dream. Since they worked hard in their life to make this happen, they became prudent with their capital. They didn’t want to spend extra money. So instead of having expensive and lavish meals they had loaded their bags with cheese and crackers with they hope to save money.

Their days were great. While everyone in the cruise were having incredible meals on the buffet tables- shrimps, lobsters, prime ribs, mountains of desserts, and wines from all around the world, the couple were enjoying with cheese and crackers. But they didn’t mind.

Finally on the last day, they decided to have magnificent final dinner. So they turned to buffet table, piled their plates with the best meals they had in their lives. After having the amazing dinner they asked waiter for the bills. They waiter with flabbergasted face said, “What bills?” They said, the bill for this great dinner, wines, desserts and everything.”

The waiter looked at them and said, “Didn’t you know the meals come with the trip?”

Look at the irony here. We often dream bigger and make ourselves more concerned towards past while something more meaningful and joyful shrinks from our present. The best wealth is love, opportunity, health friends and family which we don’t focus on; and all of these an present right now. Not in the near future.

So Start living…

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