Something is unbalanced (IM 366)

Marcus Aurelius and Ryan Holiday will say “The obstacle is the way”. This does not mean seeing problem and accepting them and leaving them to foster. Nor does it mean to rationalize it to something good.

It means seeking solutions. It means using pain to find clarity insists Tim Ferriss.

Here is how Tim Ferriss uses it in real life –

For me, step one is always the same: write down the 20% of activities and people causing 80% or more of your negative emotions. My step two is doing a “fear-setting” exercise on paper, in which I ask and answer “What is really the worst that could happen if I did what I’m considering? And so what? How could I undo any damage?”

“He who suffers before it is necessary suffers more than is necessary.”
– Seneca

This unbalanced state must be balanced as soon as possible. Since the start of this semester because of the tight schedule, I’m feeling overwhelmed and I started to feel something is unbalanced. And I’m constantly seeking solution to it.

Acknowledging that something is unbalanced is the first step towards fixing it which I’m already in.

Sometimes, it takes just a piece of paper and a few questions in the head to create a breakthrough.


PS: First Anniversary for Innovative Mind. 366 daily post completed today. Lots of gains and lots of lessons learned. Still way more to go…

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