Quenching The Insatiable Hunger (IM 857)

There is a saying which goes, “A happy man wants ten thousand things, but a sick person wants just one thing.” There is this insatiable hunger for wanting more and more that makes us unsatisfied with what we have.

The great philosopher and one of my favorites, Marcus Aurelius had answers to most of these issues. In one of his writings about Perception, Will and Action, he said… See things for what they are, Do what we can and Endure and Bear what we must…

In another writing, Marcus said, “Discard your misperception. Stop being jerked like a puppet; limit yourself to the present.” The hungriness for things we don’t have is a human nature and to control it should also lie in our will.

But in most of the cases, we act as a slave towards it. Marcus knew that limiting ourselves to “NOW” can help us rise above everything.


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