Psychological Resilience (IM 901)

It’s a psychological toughness. It’s an ability to mentally and emotionally recover from difficulties.

It also enables us to withstand adversity and bounce back from it more strongly than before. The ancient philosopher from Epictetus to Seneca to Marcus Aurelius are the huge admirer of the resilience.

Epictetus who was the slave once said, “You can bind up my leg, but not even the Zeus has the power to break my freedom of choice.”

How do you cultivate resilience? As Epictetus put in, “How do you discover the power of endurance?”  It starts with, he said, your “chief task in life” is to identify the the things that are in our control and that are not.

What other people say is not up to us but how we respond is. This is the crucial identification and it is the difference between resilient and non-resilient people.


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