Problems and a mission (IM#120)

Problem is a condition that is creating some difficulty in human lives and has a harmful effect on us.

Mission is a goal set up to defy the problem. It is the goal of an individual or an organization or a company to overcome these problems.

With the problem arises the mission. Every single organization is established to eradicate (or to pacify) the existing problems. Problems are actually the seeds of great innovations. In this sense, it is good to have problem because it keeps us introducing with new innovations.

If we didn’t had communication problem, there wouldn’t be Facebook, Instagram or other media. If we hadn’t lost more money on wall-street, there would’t be Robin-hood, Yahoo finance app, and other books about investing. If we were too perfect, we would not have heard of AI and EI.

All of these greatest innovations has occurred because we were having some problem and a certain level….

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